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Wide Mouth CD Reviews

In my never-ending quest to bring you, the viewer, new and unique information about Wide Mouth Mason I found a review of Wide Mouth Mason at
It is written by a person named Robert Scott. I take exception to his opinion and I doubt that he can speak intelligently about music. I checked their site for more reviews by this person and could find none so this is the only example I have to judge by.

Here is an excerpt from the email letter i wrote to the administrators of the site:

I just read your cd review of wide mouth mason by Robert Scott. I disagree with his review on several points. I have met this band and seen them perform live on numerous occasions and i believe the misinformation in this review does them a disservice.

It is not simply a matter of a difference of opinions. Scott didn't spell their names correctly or get the title of a song right. The comparisons he makes are ludicrous.

Here are some points I picked out of the review.

Wide Mouth Mason are three words not two
Verreault is not spelled "verrault"
Pereira is not spelled "perreira"

Corn Rose? ...Give me a break. To mistake rows for rose means that he didn't listen to the words, read the lyrics or understand what the song is about. So how can he make any kind of intelligent comment about it?

He obviously can't. ( "Corn Rose" is a classical blues tune with deep Southern roots, but sounds all too familiar.)
There are no classical blues tunes on this CD. Corn Rows isn't even a blues song at all. The closest track that comes to matching this description is maybe Sister Sally.
(Deep southern roots)? It sounds like it has deep prairie roots to me.
(Sounds all too familiar)? Maybe if you listened to it 10 times in a row...

(The band takes you on a ride that consists of feeling high and then finishing low.)
What the hell is that supposed to mean? This guy is obviously reaching for something to say. Why is he writing a review in the first place?

("Riversong" has great acoustic guitars)
At least he knows the difference between acoustic and electric guitars.
(however I couldn't help imagining that Bon Jovi wasn't on the radio at the time.)
The River Song ...Bon Jovi? yeah sure, it sounds just like "Livin on a Prayer". I was reaching for the airsick bag by this point.

(Widemouth Mason is full of talent instrumentally)
Even the blind can see some things.
(but overall they need to find their own roots. Their so-called unique sound has been around for years.)
It has? Why didn't he enlighten us and name a single band that sounds like Wide Mouth Mason (other than Bon Jovi), plays the same variety of music and combines such a wide range of musical flavours into a song? If such a band exists than i'd like to know about it because they would probably sound pretty damn good.

I would appreciate anyone's comments on this. Please go to my postings section and tell me what you think.

I will post my own review of Wide Mouth Mason and The Nazarene here very soon!

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