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Welcome to the Wide World of Wide Mouth Mason.

headphone world

There is plenty to see including dozens of onstage and backstage photos, concert and CD reviews, interviews, CD artwork including lyrics from the Nazarene and the self-titled album plus a variety of ways that you, the fan, can join in the Wide Mouth fun!

What's New in the Wide World of Wide Mouth Mason

There is a CD ARTWORK section!
There is something you have to read in the CD Review section!
There are 3 photos from September 11, 1997 at Mohawk College!
The uofTD incident in the concert reviews section has been updated with an editorial cartoon and a photo/article from the UofT Varsity newspaper.
I've located samples of all the tracks from Wide Mouth Mason at you will have to do a search for wide mouth mason once you reach their site.

There is a interview with Shaun in the Shaun SPEAKS! section. you have to check it out.

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