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Fan Fun!

There are lots of ways that you can join in the Wide Mouth fun!

I am starting an emailing list.

Why should you sign up for the email list?

funny you should ask...

If you sign up for it you will receive an email
when this site is significantly updated
When new tour dates are released
When something interesting related to WMM happens (like the UofTD fiasco)

AND.... once a month i will pick someone from the guestbook at random (i'll roll some dice or something) to win a nifty prize.

What will it be? It's a surprise but I promise it will be worth the bother for me to mail it to you if you live far away from me (Toronto)

How do you join up for this email list?

It's easy: Just and make sure to include your email address. You can sign the guestbook more than once but it wont change your odds of winning the monthly prize.

You really want that prize?

Okay there is another way you can get it: Send something in. See below for details.

The Wide World of Wide Mouth Mason needs your help!

If Wide Mouth Mason played in your town recently, then a review may have been written by someone. Check with the local especially university/college papers for one. If you find one you can email or post it to me or even just tell me about it.

WWWMM also needs your original work. If you have written a review, taken some pictures of them, made any drawings or have anything else interesting then i would definitely like to see/hear! Maybe I can share it with the rest of the WMM fans. Contact me about sending it in.
You are sure to be rewarded:)